Marek Wiatr is an artist, a singer, a painter, a graphic artist and an art expert – in a word – a man of the Renaissance. He comes from one of the best-known doctor’s families in Podkarpacie . His family home was visited by celebrittes like Leon Wyczólkowski, Emil Zegadłowicz, Wanda Siemaszkowa, ambassador Alfred Wysocki and his parents were friends of Maria Konopnicka’s daughter – Zofia Mickiewiczowa and Wojciech Kossak’s daughter – Magdalena Samozwaniec. During the war Stanisław Studencki, a famous painter of battles, lived in his house. Today his home is visited by the most important representatives of cultural life. The atmosphere in which he grew up taught him to respect people and revere the arts and it was the reason for the interests he developed later in his life. For some time he was unsure whether to choose singing or painting, but finally he succeeded in combining both. Marek Wiatr studied singing in Professor H.Szubert-Slysz’s class at the Academy of Music in Cracow. Later he did master’s courses in Weimar under the supervision of Professor P. Lissitzian. At the same time he began painting as the pupil of St. Kochanek, then he studied in A. Siwecki’s class in Cracow. Marek Wiatr has given many concerts in Poland and abroad. He also organizes charity concerts and donates paintings for charities. Many of his works adorn the homes of friends and artists all over the world. So far around thirty exhibitions of single paintings or of his entire life’s work have shown his artistic achievement in Poland and abroad.

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The world the artist paints is beautiful and good. He invites us to enter his rooms and the parochial atmosphere of quiet duration. There is however, another side to Marek Wiatr’s artistic oevre: Rhythm and sharp contrasts of light and shadow dominate his lino cuts and woodcuts, where the dynamic composition of lines slanting and whirling upwards catches the eye. These pieces are violent, vehement, almost rapacious in the direct confrontation of the large surfaces in black and white. Marek Wiatr is a painting as well as a drawing artist. He works with stroke, line and contour as well as with colour. The combination of both artistic means results in a certain concrete quality of his works. This creates trust and fosters sympathy.
Marek Wiatr’s paintings can be trusted, so can his honesty and the altruism and unselfishness of their creation. His art grows out of good soil, out of the tradition of Young Poland, is embedded in our modern psychological climate, the atmosphere of our „fin de siecle”, is longing for this passing „belle epoche”, in which the world seems to move towards a better one.

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The artist has over 40 collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

He exhibited, among others:

Contemporary Art Gallery – Kramy Dominikańskie – Kraków

Art Exhibitions Bureau – collective exhibition – Gorlice

Author’s Gallery of Bronisław Chromy – Krakow

Contemporary Art Gallery – Berlin (Germany)

“Orangerie” Gallery – Bad Muskau (Germany)

Polish Consulate – collective exhibition – New York (USA)

Art Exhibitions Office – Rzeszów

Castle Museum in Łańcut

Theater of Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów

Silesian Opera in Bytom

Erdös Renée Ház Gallery – Budapest (Hungary)

Collegium Maius Museum, Jagiellonian University – Kraków

Hos Gallery – Bardejow (Slovakia)

Auditorium of AGH University of Science and Technology – Kraków

Art Exhibitions Office “U Jaksy” – Miechów